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All of the tools provided on this site are distributed as a single executable file. They require no installation, are configuration-less except for command line parameters, leave no footprint on the host system other than the executable file itself and can be removed completely simply by deleting the file.

httecho: HTTP Request Echo

Release 0.1.0 (2010-04-10)

A simple, stand-alone HTTP server which echos all HTTP requests back to the client in a human-readable form. The exact text of the request is shown as plain text.

This tool does not simply echo the request, but also parses and checks it as per the HTTP 1.1 specification.

You can try this tool online here at port 8080. Note that any URI string can be passed to this tool; any request received on the port where httecho is listening will be echoed.

httecho-0.1.0-win32.zipx86Windows429Kbfree as in beer
httecho-0.1.0-linux_i686.gzx86Linux371Kbfree as in beer
httecho-0.1.0-linux_x86_64.gzx86-64Linux411Kbfree as in beer

httGET: HTTP GET Request

Release 0.1.0 (2010-04-10)

A simple, command-line tool which performs an HTTP GET request and outputs the entire HTTP response, verbatim, as plain text.

The entire HTTP response from the server is displayed, including headers and body.

httGET-0.1.0-win32.zipx86Windows418Kbfree as in beer
httGET-0.1.0-linux_i686.gzx86Linux350Kbfree as in beer
httGET-0.1.0-linux_x86_64.gzx86-64Linux388Kbfree as in beer

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